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Maths Passports Home Learning

Thank you to the many families that came to our EYFS Maths Breakfast to find out about the Maths Passports activities that we are now sending home for children to try. You can find more information about the Maths Passports Home Learning activities in the letter on our Letters page.

Early Years' Story Bags

Thank you to all of the F1 and F2 families who have given us such positive feedback about the story bags that we have been sending home for you to share with your children. Feedback has shown that the children enjoy using the puppets we have provided to retell the stories. The aim of the story bags is to help to promote a love of reading. Sharing stories with your child enables them to hear you model expression and enjoyment. Asking questions about the story that they have heard helps to build your child's understanding of plot, character and events which all aids their early comprehension. Thank you for supporting your child's reading skills.