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The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. This general responsibility gives rise to a range of specific responsibilities, which require the governing body to establish certain procedures, including setting targets for pupil achievement, managing the school's finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing the Head Teacher and reviewing staff performance and pay.


By law, governing bodies meet at least three times every year, as a Full Governing Body, where the ongoing business of committees, the governing body and the school are discussed, reported on and where decisions are taken by a majority vote. Most of the work of governors, however, is done at committee level.


Most Governing Bodies use a committee structure to undertake their monitoring and evaluation roles. Membership and terms of reference of committees must be determined annually. Finance, Staffing, Admissions, Health and Safety, Curriculum and Premises Committees are regularly discussed. Other areas covered by committees may include marketing, discipline and management. Many Governing Bodies form working groups to tackle specific problems.


Chair of Governing Body

Julia Kenny delivers a range of accredited programmes to the offending community in Warwickshire. She also works as an associate tutor for the local authority delivering Governor training across the county and specialises in Safeguarding.  In addition Julia is Chair of Governors at another local primary school and has been involved in governance for over seven years. Julia takes a keen interest in charity work and is involved with two local charities in Rugby.




Clare Baskott

The clerk looks after the organisation of the work of the governing body and provides information and advice on legal matters as well as advising on the procedures to be followed at meetings.



Parent Governors




​Winston Wong ​(Maths Link)


​Co-Opted Governors


Jane Richard originally trained as a secondary school teacher in music but moved on to working in Early Years. She ran HARCA Under Fives Pre-school at Rokeby for many years until her recent retirement. She has been involved with Rokeby in many ways since her own children attended the school.


Christine Dybdahl is a Methodist Minister with experience of children and young people in a number of areas: church, school, uniformed organisations. She has also, at different times been chaplain to a children's home, a children's hospital and a university. Christine's priority is pastoral care and she is committed to the wellbeing of all the Rokeby children and staff.


Emma Wells manages a local charity, delivering projects to reduce reoffending. She was previously employed at WCC training and co-ordinating multi-agency practitioners to provide early help to families.  She has also worked as a primary school teacher and adult literacy /ESOL teacher. She has a Masters in Childhood and Youth- Specialising in Children’s Rights, Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity.



Local Education Authority Representative Governors






Staff Governors


Jen James – Acting Head Teacher






Parent Governor representatives are parents elected by other parent governors to represent the views of all parents, on local authority overview and scrutiny committees and sub-committees dealing with education.

Parent Governors have speaking rights on any issue under discussion by the committee, but may only vote on issues relating to education. Each Local Authority must appoint at least two and not more than five Parent Governors to each committee or sub-committee dealing with education issues. Parent Governors serve a term of office of between two and four years.

The primary role of the Parent Governor is to hold their authority to account by consulting with and feeding back to parents on discussions and decisions relating to education.


Staff Governors (other than the head teacher) are elected by the school staff and must be paid to work at the school, by the school (that is, not under an external contract such as catering or cleaning). At least one staff governor must be a teacher, and if there are three or more staff governors, at least one must be a member of the support staff. If no member of the appropriate category stands for election, the vacant place can be filled by an elected person from the other category (i.e. if no teachers wish to become governors, all staff governors may be support staff, and vice-versa).

Governor Meetings and Attendees 2016 to 2017