Rokeby Reviews

We would like to share with you, some of the kind words our visitors and parents have to say about our school. 

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"I always love coming to the Nursery as the children are so happy and have so many appropriate and interesting things to do. Children make great progress in the lovely supportive and engaging environment.” 

Avril Upstone Speech and Language Therapy 

"There is nothing the school could have done better. Their support and understanding of not just P. but our family situation has been outstanding. I have been through the primary school system twice with my other children. I have never experienced such a nurturing and caring environment that has allowed P to learn and the support they have offered him and our family has been truly wonderful." 

Parent July 2021

Safeguarding Quality Assurance Visit.

We welcomed the trusts Safeguarding Director, Louis Donald into our school last Friday and we would like to share with you some of the comments he made about Rokeby.

“I would confidently advise leaders to travel across the country to visit Rokeby Primary School—if they wanted to see an outstanding approach to providing children and their families access to early, and effective intervention and support.”

“In all my time undertaking Safeguarding Assurance visits, I have never described Safeguarding practice as ’outstanding’, however I am pleased to say that I feel, with confidence, that your safeguarding arrangements are outstanding.”

Louis Donald - Safeguarding Director, Stowe Valley MAT


“Lovely happy atmosphere. All activities at appropriate stage of development. Good use of visuals to support children’s understanding of Nursery routine.” 

Suzanne Hack, IDS 

“Great use of visuals, pictures and Makaton. Appropriate and good use of language at individual children’s levels. Positive reinforcement of behaviour. Lovely interactive story which all children were engaged in. Thank you.” 

Rachel Schofield-Newton, IDS 

"Lovely nursery provision. Very confident children and a fantastic outdoor area."

Jessica Holderness Warwickshire County Council Early Years Team

"It was incredibly useful for me to see how things run at Rokeby and to get some ideas and inspiration at how we can look to improve at Bishops Nursery. Your room is beautifully presented and is really inviting and welcoming, your garden is absolutely incredible, and the space is amazing! Things like having the voice of the child displayed on the walls was a really lovely touch." 

Maddie Jones, Bishops Itchington Primary

“What a lovely, calm, language enriched supportive environment for children to develop and learn in. Staff are using language supported with sign and visuals which is helping children to understand what is happening and being said. Incidental opportunities are taken to teach new words and comprehension. Children's play is supported with new ideas while valuing what the children are doing themselves and asking them what is happening and who it is they are playing with. Children are encouraged to take the lead and develop their interests.” 

Teresa Foulger Lead Professional Hearing Team IDS 

“Thank you all for the provision you have put in place for our little one with such complex needs – it has been exemplary.  You have taken on changes to your practice and provided a wonderful learning environment that I’m sure benefits all the children.  The flexible and personalised support you give not only meets the needs of a learner with complex learning difficulties and multisensory impairment, it also continues to motivate and engage. Your commitment to inclusion and providing a communication-friendly ethos extends to ensuring all staff are trained in using Makaton signing and use of symbols. It is a pleasure working with your lovely team!”

 Janet Dobbie Lead Professional for IDS Complex Needs Team