Brooke Partnership

Brooke School's Partnership With Rokeby Primary School


The Partnership between Rokeby Primary and Brooke School meets the needs of children with special needs, from the age of 2-7.

The children who would access this provision are most likely to have been in a mainstream school previously, but have needed a little more support. They might also be children who have been placed at a special school and who, with the correct support, would achieve well in a mainstream school.

It is important to notice that the child, at Rokeby Primary, would not have constant support, but the right  targeted support at the right time. For example, they might have support in English Lessons, but not in PE.

Brooke School staff would be responsible for overcoming the 'barriers to learning' for the young person, and Rokeby Staff would be responsible for teaching the academic and vocational skills.

The children are fully included in the mainstream classes and are not withdrawn for any lessons, but rather supported in class to be successful