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In English, we have been reading How the Whale Became by Ted Hughes. As a group, we drew what we thought what we thought would happen next.


Year 4 have been looking at a text that explains in a fictional way how all the animals became what they are today. The children then created their own story about how the elephant became. They first made notes about what they alreadyy knew about elephants and then used these facts to fashion a story. 

Here are some of the ideas that the children came up with were: 


  • When he was walking though the jungle, his nose got stuck and when he tried to pull it out it stretched and turned into a trunk. 
  • Because of his large ears and trunk, he felt different to everyone else and so stayed away from everyone. Until one day a creatures gets stuck up in a tree and the only animal who could rescue him was elephant! From that day on he was a hero. 
  • The other creatures were fed up of him lying and they spoke to a magical being who cast a spell on him so that every time he lied his nose grew. He continued lying and his nose grew and grew into a trunk. Eventually he decided to stop lying and tell the truth. But his nose stayed the same size to remind him not to lie.  
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This half term Year 4 have been reading "Escape from Pompeii" by Christina Ballit. 
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We have done lots of reading work and English work based around this text, including writing diary entries, setting descriptions and stories. Here is some of the group research that we did around Pompeii. 
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