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Here are some fun ideas for practising spellings at home:

- Write the words on small bits of paper and stick them around the house.

- Use magnetic letters on the fridge to make your spellings.

- Use chalk or water and a paintbrush to write your spellings out big on a patio outside.

- Tell somebody at home what the word means, can they guess it and spell it back to you? Were they correct?

- Write a silly sentence with your spelling in. eg. if the word is 'replied', The stripy, blue man replied to the spotty zebra.

- Can you spell the word with your body?

Here are some pages you can download and print to practise your spellings in more exciting ways. (If you cannot print them, you could use the idea to create your own page).


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Reading is the most important skill a child can have! To help them become fluent readers, children should be reading 5 times a week in addition to their daily reading in school.  Children can read ANYTHING they like - stories, information, comics, the tele magazine or even the Argos catalogue! They can read it in paper form or on laptops or iPads.  Please just date and sign their communication books each time you hear your child read. Let's create children who read out of love and passion for their own enjoyment as well as curiosity.   

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