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Important Message for All Parents


We have been notified by a parent that when they were clearing out their child's school bag, that they found a complete packet of Ibruprofen medication that did not belong to them.  This could obviously put the younger children at significant risk.


Medicines that are brought into school must be handed in to the school office or the class teacher, so that we are aware that the children need to take them.


We cannot allow children to self medicate paracetamol, Ibruprofen or any other over the counter NSAIDs.  Prescription medication should be handed in to the office or teacher and an appropriate medication form completed.


Asthma medication stays in the classroom with the child in case of an urgent need, however it is essential that teaching staff are made aware of the need for an inhaler.


Antibiotics which are to be given three times per day can be given in the morning, just after school and before bedtime, so there is no need to bring them in to school - unless the parent/carer would like to come in an administer the drugs themselves.


Medication that has been prescribed for four times per day can be administered by school staff, however only after the appropriate arrangements and paperwork has been signed.


Special arrangements can be made for children requiring long term medical intervention which would include a risk assessment.  Should any family wish to meet with us to discuss the medical needs of their child, please let us know.