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Physical Development

Health & Self-Care

The EYFS children have been thinking about ways to eat healthily after reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Nursery children in our unit enjoyed tasting different fruit when creating their own fruit salads. The Reception children chose from a range of healthy food to create Very Healthy Caterpillars which they enjoyed eating!








Spring Term P.E sessions

The EYFS children have been learning to move confidently over, under, on and off a range of apparatus including ladders, benches, hurdles, trestles, frames, hoops, tunnels, ramps and crash mats. They have also been learning to move rhythmically to different music as part of dance sessions.








"Jumping Jacks and Rock and Roll!"

In the first half of the Autumn Term, the children explored the gymnastics unit called Jumping Jacks and Rock and Roll. They have been learning to perform a range of jumps and a range of rolls. They have learnt to bend their knees to land safely when jumping off a bench. They learnt to create a simple movement sequence incorporating a balance, a jump and a roll.




Multiskills P.E sessions

The second half of the Autumn term is focused on movement skills such as running, dodging and balancing. The children have been practising balancing on different body parts on the floor and on benches.

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