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Welcome to the Rokeby Parent Teacher Association - RPTA 

The RPTA organises a range of events throughout the school year to raise additional funds in order to enhance learning opportunities for the children or to provide resources and equipment. All families and members of staff are warmly invited to come along to RPTA meetings.

The Christmas Market was a new introduction two years ago that involved inviting independent businesses to join us to sell their wares. The Summer Fayre has also changed over the last two years following the same format. Both have been extremely successful and are beginning to build a community spirit within the School, children and parents.


Volunteers are always needed so if you are able to help out at any of the events, we all would be very grateful. You don’t have to commit to help for the duration of an event, even half an hour of your time would be very much appreciated. Also, if you have any fund-raising ideas please let us know.


Up to this point the PTA have donated £4.50 per child to help with the cost of class trips. At the AGM we decided that, because prices are increasing all the time, we will now fund £5.00 per child.


We hope that you and your children enjoy the events we have planned for this year. Our first event is Crazy Wear Day on Thursday 24th October. The children always seem to enjoy a fun, non-uniform day. Then there will be an Autumn Disco on 20th November.

We had our AGM on 10th October 2019 where the following people were elected as Officers:


Chair: Michael Prendergast

Vice Chair: Sally Gardner/Mandy Hunter (standing in until post filled)

Secretary: Lynn Prendergast (standing in until post filled)

Treasurer: Marie Richmond


If you feel that you could take one of these roles please come and speak to one of us, we are always around the school and would love to discuss it with you.

How RPTA funds are used


Funding Requests for 2018/2019


Whole School Resources                                            £1,500.00

Theatre Trip (F1/F2/KS1)                                            £   200.00

Christmas Tree                                                             £     50.00

Class Christmas Parties                                               £     64.16

Hedgehog Visit                                                             £     50.00

Year 1 Trip & Party                                                       £     67.50

Year 2 Trip to Twycross Zoo & Habitat Workshop  £   171.00

Year 3 Trip to All Things Wild Nature Centre           £   130.50

Year 4 Trip to All Things Wild Nature Centre           £   148.50

Year 6 BBQ/Leavers Party                                           £   180.00

Playground Equipment Repair                                   £   618.00

Magazines/Books                                                         £1,438.00

Total Funding Requests                                              £4,617.66


EYFS Funding Requests:


Outdoor Area Improvements                                     £1,750.00

Outdoor Area Resources                                             £    263.88

Outdoor Area Construction Area                               £    270.00

Building Resources                                                       £    374.18

Storage Units & Trays                                                  £    270.40

Christmas Books                                                           £      30.00

Small World Play/Fine Motor Skills resources         £    520.34

Christmas Concert Costumes                                     £      36.43

Art Trolley                                                                      £    505.00

Total Funding Requests                                              £ 4,020.33


We organise a number of events throughout the year and try to make them as enjoyable as possible for the children and parents. Most are tried and tested but we do try and introduce a bit of variety. The events that we ran during 2018/2019 are listed below.

September Bingo                                                        £      45.00

Halloween Disco                                                         £    385.70

October Bingo Night                                                  £      67.00

Christmas Market                                                       £    636.68

November Bingo                                                         £      31.00

Christmas Fayre                                                           £1,067.60

Cake/Sweet Sale                                                          £      79.15

January Bingo                                                               £      71.00

Sale of Excess Mother’s Day Stock                           £      76.37

Valentines Disco                                                          £    349.09

Summer Fayre (External Stall)                                   £      30.00

March Bingo                                                                 £      80.00

Mother’s Day Shop                                                      £    290.71

Easter Egg Hunt                                                            £      95.60

Design Competition                                                     £      31.90

Sale of Excess Eggs                                                       £      99.80

Father’s Day Shop                                                         £   238.35

July Bingo                                                                       £      91.00


Total raised this year                                                     £3,765.95

Expenses                                                                         £2,175.72

Funding spent this year                                                £8,637.99

Profit:                                                                              (£7,047.76)