Autumn Term Learning 


Welcome to Nursery.

We have had a lovely start to the Nursery year.

The children have been exploring the indoor and  outdoor areas, getting to know the staff and one  another, finding out what toys and resources there are to choose from and learning some of the daily  routines such as snack time. Some of their chosen activities have included listening to Nursery rhymes and songs, exploring the sounds they can make using percussion instruments, experimenting with making marks using chalks, paint dabbers and pens, investigating water play and developing their physical skills on the large play equipment. The Nursery team is very proud of the children and looking forward to a super year of play and learning. 

The Nursery children have been thinking about Celebrations as part of their play and learning.

A favourite activity at the Finger Gym area has been making bonfire cupcakes and decorating Catherine Wheel biscuits.

The children have explored different materials to create firework pictures and models.

In the outdoor area, some children chose to work together to build homes for Hovis, a little hedgehog, who told us his story of his home being used as a bonfire.

The children have also enjoyed creating Diwali dens in which to explore colour and light. They have chosen from a range of creative and expressive activities including making diwa lamps, decorating crowns for Rama and Sita and creating Indian music and dance.

There was even the opportunity to try some Diwali foods at the tasting table!


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