Autumn Term Learning 

Our topic for the first half of the Autumn Term is Autumn and Harvest. The children have been listening to harvest themed stories such as The Little Red Hen and The Enormous Turnip. Linked to these stories, they have enjoyed imaginary role play in our outdoor bakery area and working together to act out the story of The Enormous Turnip. The children visited Kingsway greengrocer's to look at a range of fruit and vegetables. They talked about where the different fruit and vegetables grow and what they look, feel, smell and taste like. The children went on a walk around school to look for signs of Autumn. They talked about changes they could see and they have been exploring floating and sinking using Autumn objects in the water tray. What a busy start to Nursery!

Our topic for the second half of the Autumn Term is Celebrations. The first celebration that the Nursery children learnt about was Bonfire Night. The children listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and sequenced pictures to help them to talk about the events that happened long ago. They enjoyed exploring colour and practising their fine motor skills whilst icing biscuits with firework patterns and making firework pictures and models. The children then learnt about the festival of Diwali. They listened carefully to the story of Rama and Sita and explored joining materials to make masks of Hanuman, the monkey god. One of their favourite activities was a Nursery Diwali celebration, tasting Indian food! Naturally, the children were thrilled to learn about Christmas. They showed good understanding of the Nativity story and enjoyed dressing up as snowflakes and helping to put on the Christmas performance for our wonderful Nursery families. We were thrilled with the children's ideas and creativity making angels from recyclable materials to send to St Andrews Church as part of Rugby's Festival of Trees. There was even time to practise weighing, counting and measuring skills as the children made cheesy Christmas stars. Yum!

Spring Term Learning 

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We welcome our new Spring intake children who have joined Nursery and are already settling well and enjoying their play and learning. The Nursery topic for the first half of the Spring Term is Pirates and Under the Sea. The children have been learning about what pirates wear, what they do and what they might say. They have been finding out what pirate ships look like and learning to name some parts of a pirate ship. The children have also learnt about some of the jobs that pirates might do on board through listening to a range of pirate stories. They have learnt lots of pirate songs and rhymes which they love to dance to. There have been ample creative opportunities such as making pirate faces, treasure maps, flags and telescopes or binoculars. The children have constructed pirate dens, camps and ships to play in. There has been lots of talk in our indoor pirate ship role play area and opportunities to practise self-help skills by dressing up in pirate costumes. After reading the text Pizza for Pirates, the Nursery children had fun working together to make pirate pizza faces which tasted great! They have also listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish, created collage pictures of sea creatures and learnt some of their names.

During the second half of the Spring Term, the Nursery children's play and learning has been centred around the topic New Life and Change. The children have been learning about how we change from babies to adults and how adults care for human babies. They have enjoyed lots of role play caring for the dolls. The Spring discovery table has stimulated lots of talk about baby animals such as chicks and lambs and Spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. We have been looking for signs of Spring around school and Nursery. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk has led to planting beans and learning about how plants grow. After one weekend, we found some mysterious footprints in the Nursery outside the giant's castle and some usual items on the table! There were notes with little challenges all around the indoor and outdoor areas, including in Jack's house outdoors! The children decided that the giant had visited Nursery and left his hen, golden eggs and messages for us. They loved responding to the challenges, especially the note that said "Fee, fi, foe, fum! Can you feed my hungry tum?"

Summer Term Learning 


During the term the children have been settling into Nursery. 

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