Autumn Term Learning 


During the term the children have been settling into Reception.


Spring Term Learning 

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Our topic learning, 

During the term the children have been learning about Chinese New Year. In class we have been tasting and making Chinese food, looking at Chinese art and clothing patterns and making crafts such as fans and lanterns.


Pancake Making

We have been thoroughly enjoying pancakes this week! We have been reading and sequencing the Runaway Pancake story and designing our favourite pancakes.  We had the best fun today making pancakes together.  We had to measure the flour and milk, sieve the flour without covering the table and crack an egg.  Mixing and frying was great.  We mostly all choose chocolate sauce for ours!

Summer Term Learning


During the term 

Class Dojo

Please sign up and use Class Dojo to support in shared learning.  This is an excellent tool for teachers being able to share information they would like the children to complete, but also for parents to take a photo and send back to the teachers for feedback.


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Shared Learning 

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We chose different Mr Men and Little Miss characters and made them out of potatoes.  We had to look closely at the details on the characters and then think of ways to recreate them.  We had lots of fun!


Reception are loving their gymnastics topic in PE.  

We have had opportunities to have lots of different apparatus out to develop our moving, balancing and jumping skills.  We all know how to land safely after jumping off apparatus and we are starting to experiment with different jumps such as tuck jumps, pencil jumps and star jumps.