Year 2

Autumn Term Learning

Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview Seaside Explorers

Our topic this half term is Sea side Explorers. During this term we will be learning about changes in history looking at seasides in the past.

Year 1 and 2 Autumn 2 overview.pdf 

During Autumn Two we learnt about  Antarctica and the magnificent Emperor Penguins.


Spring Term Learning


Spring 1 curriculum overview treasure hunters. docx

Year 2 had an amazing treasure hunt today. We searched for quizzes, clues and puzzles. We had to follow the compass directions of North, East, South and West. We found the pirate's hidden treasure and it was gems, tattoos and chocolate coins.


Year 2 Spring 2 overview.pdf

Out topic for Spring Two is Great Journeys. Theatre visit to watch Hansel and Gretel - 3rd April. 


Year 2 have had an exciting science week planting potatoes and learning about camouflaged animals.


Year 2 had an amazing book week! Performing a dance to the story The Troll by Julia Donaldson with West End Dance School, creating potato character heads, working with the author Sean Taylor and celebrating world book day in character costumes.

Today Year 2 read the text 'I love Guinea Pigs' by Dick King-Smith.

From the text we drew our favourite guinea pig and created a fact sheet.

Then we made 3d clay guinea pigs and guinea pig hutches.

Summer Term Learning

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