Year 4

Autumn Term Learning

Our topic was Around the World.

This involved looking at the following:-

  •  Continents of the World
  •  Countries of the World
  •  Major Cities
  •  Atlas and Map Usage
  •  Grid References
  •  Time Zones
  •  Environmental Concerns

Spring Term Learning

This term our Topic was The Romans which involved learning about when the Romans came to Britain, where they settled and what life was like for them whilst they were here. We looked at the timeline of the Roman occupation, as well as evidence that they have left behind that we can still see and view today.

Summer Term Learning

Class Dojo

Please sign up and use Class Dojo to support in shared learning.  This is an excellent tool for teachers being able to share information they would like the children to complete, but also for parents to take a photo and send back to the teachers for feedback.


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