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Rokeby School Council Mission Statement


The purpose of our School Council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them, in and around school.


With the School Council, many voices can be heard. We listen to the views of pupils and take responsibility for some parts of school life.   There are two members of the council from each year group and children are encouraged to participate in the group to cover issues that concern the different age groups.





School Council helps to improve our school community by providing a means through which each child’s point of view is heard. This helps to develop an excellent relationship between staff and pupils. It also helps to nurture responsibility and a strong sense of pride and togetherness. 


BAM Construction Safety Characters

BAM is the construction company building a new secondary school next door to us. They came into school to tell us all about their building site and how we can stay safe. They set everyone the challenge of creating a safety character and then they choose some winners. The school council members helped all the painters create their characters on a large scale and they have been displayed all around the construction site next door. It is lovely to see them as we walk home from school.  

School Council Suggestions

If parents or carers have any helpful ideas they would like to contribute to school council work then please use the form below.


Setting up the School Council 


Early in the Autumn 2016 term Rokeby School Council was elected with representatives from each class : from Year one to year six. They were the first children to hear that Rokeby's 10 key qualities : happy , friendly , healthy, helpful, trustworthy , well behaved , responsible, fair, confident  and polite were to be relaunched under the Rokeby school slogan ' Are you being Rocky?' . At the same time Rokeby adopted their own song, I'm OK.


What did the school Council do to launch 'Are you being Rocky' ?


To whet the children's school's imagination the School Council had a meeting, briefly talked about what they thought 'being Rocky meant' in groups and created some mind maps to express their ideas which are on display on our School Council Board.


They  participated in a whole School Assembly and showed their mind maps ; shared their ideas about what they thought ' being Rocky ' meant.  The School Council interviewed some children in the assembly about what they thought 'Are you being Rocky?' meant. Quickly , it was clear that many Rokeby children realised 'Are you being Rocky?' translated to Are you being helpful? , Are you eating healthily? Are you being responsible? etc  '


School Council members designed the first 'Are you being Rocky ?' posters to display around the school to celebrate the relaunch of the 10 key qualities. Here is a peek at what it looks like ! 


Are you being Rocky and the Learning Environment


'Are you being Rocky ? is thriving and developing in school. Efforts are being made to ensure that Rokeby children, staff, parents , Governors and visitors are aware of the 'Are you Rocky?' concept and understand how it works around school. The children are quick to notice when someone is behaving and sounding Rocky !Initially when I asked children to write and let me know when they spotted someone being Rocky in school I had a post bag full of some good examples of it in practice ! smiley


Currently , our weekly Celebration Assemblies celebrates how children's learning links with the 10 key qualities. Parents are welcome to attend . 



School Council 


Picture 1 School Council board wth mind maps
Picture 2 Are you being Rocky? poster