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Our school lunches cost £2.10 each.


It would really help with planning and administration if you could advise us on Monday morning how many lunches will be required that week.  Lunches are paid for in advance.  Thank you

School Lunches - Food and Ingredients


Locally sourced ingredients include; fresh fruit and vegetables, organic milk, free range eggs, yoghurt’s and meats that come from Warwickshire and neighbouring counties.

The high quality of our ingredients means that all our meat is British Farm Assured and comes from farms with high standards of animal welfare. Our minced beef, meat grills and pork meatballs are all organic and we use fully sustainable and traceable whole fish fillet products. Our next 3 week menu cycle begins with Week One commencing Monday 9th May 2016.

Vegetarian (v) choices are shown on the menus.


Allergen information

The cook at your child’s school has information regarding the allergen content of dishes and products on our menu. If you are unsure please contact a member of the catering team at the school for assistance.

Halal alternatives are available in selected schools as appropriate – contact your child’s school for more information.

Some menu items may change to meet customer preferences by agreement with individual schools

School Lunch Menus 2016/2017